Meet Our 2016 Summer Interns

Welcome our 2016 Summer Interns for our NYCHA Organizing Project, who will be developing the leadership of Asian public housing residents to fight for language access and developing their own leadership as community organizers.

Pooja Ghosh is a first generation Indian-American and descendent of Bengali diaspora, who was raised outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. While at college in Massachusetts, she was introduced to reproductive justice, which has shaped her understanding of organizing as part of a collective, often familial, struggle for liberation. She is looking forward to improving her Bangla language skills while working with tenants in public housing, broadening her understanding of Asian immigrants’ experiences of New York as home, and learning from CAAAV’s networks of provision and praxis. Pooja is committed to working toward sustainable, transformative community solutions to create safety, access, and accountability beyond borders.


Daphne Xu: “I grew up in a Shanghainese household in Toronto, Canada. After graduating from Brown in 2014, where I studied Anthropology, I moved to China and have been living in Shanghai and Beijing for the last 2 years. In China I explored dialect preservation and worked at a community space as an ethnographer. While I was involved in social justice work in college, I am especially excited to learn about community organizing on a wider scale in the US context. I look forward to understanding further the scope and impact of Asian American activism and reconciling my experiences in China and the US by working with Chinese immigrants at CAAAV.”