More help is needed! Volunteer and drop off non-clothing donations!

Update on 11/15/12: Hi folks, we have room for 15 volunteers this Saturday (tomorrow) in our cars to go out to Coney Island. You have to be available from 10am-5pm. Email if you want to RSVP, first come first serve. Thanks!

We are glad to report that Gowanus got their power back this morning and want to shout out the hard work that our friends at FUREE have been holding down.  Today we were able to send two vanloads of volunteers and supplies out to Gowanus and to Coney Island.  In both areas residents are frustrated by the lack of response from the City, and it continues to be communities taking care of each other.

The workweek has proven more difficult to have volunteers go out to the outer boroughs, and we have seen donations also start to go down.  As the weekend comes, we encourage people  to take the time out to volunteer.  For CAAAV, each day has been an experiment for us, taking into consideration the needs of the communities that we are working with.  Each location has also had different needs, and its been important that we take direction from those who are located in the areas.

Here are the locations this weekend we hope you will support:

Check out our website for needs:

Come volunteer on Saturday to assess the needs of Rockaways residents and to deliver aid. Please RSVP by emailing or by calling (347) 410-6919 x 285.

If you have car and can drive other volunteers, or if you want to volunteer but need a ride, go to the NYCC office in Downtown Brooklyn at 10 a.m. on Saturday. From there, volunteers will be dispatched to the Rockaways. The address is 2-4 Nevins St., 2nd Fl, Brooklyn, NY, 11217. You can also go straight out to the Rockaways to meet at 11 a.m., please RSVP first to find out exactly where to go!

CAAAV is still accepting non-clothing donations at our office at 46 Hester Street, from 10-5pm on Sunday, and the rest of next week.  Check our website for updated lists.