CAAAV Statement on Proposed Federal and Local Housing Cuts


New York City depends on the tenants/working people of NYCHA and low-income housing to maintain and run this City as its blue-collar workforce – City and State workers, maintenance, construction workers, domestic workers, retail workers, restaurant workers, sanitation and the list goes on. The announced proposed cutting of $6 billion to HUD and $150 million funding for NYCHA and Section 8 vouchers is cutting the the vein that keeps working-people from being able to keep this City running. While this economy takes advantage of the working-class with low-wages who are tenants of NYCHA and low-income housing who rely on Section 8 vouchers, the cuts to housing is another blatant attack on the poor, immigrants, and largely Black, Latinx, and Asian tenants of NYC. Trump has a stake since a vast number of his real estate is in NYC that depend on this workforce.

While these proposed cuts happen, New York taxpayers have spent $24 million to protect Trump’s private properties from Election Day to Inauguration. It is estimated that $127,000 to upward of $308,000 will be spent each day to protect the Trump family at their NYC residence. There is a proposed increase of $54 billion on military spending. We refuse to let our public dollars be spent to protect the rich’s war machine and unjustly kill millions of innocent Muslim lives around the world. We refuse to let our public dollars police and criminalize Black and Latinx communities that fuels the deportation machine. We refuse to let our public dollars protect the rich while the working-class, poor, immigrants, refugees, and people of color continue to be the brunt of Trump administration’s policies. We demand safe permanently affordable homes, living wages, and healthy communities for the working people.

New York City is already experiencing encroachment of private development on public land and rapid eradication of rent-stabilized housing. Mayor De Blasio and Governor Cuomo, as our Mayor and Governor, you both have the duty and responsibility to serve and protect the vast number of New Yorkers who have voted for you. As our elected officials declare this City to be a Sanctuary City, we call for protections that really ensure that NYC is a Sanctuary City:

  • NO to displacement and NO to federal cuts to HUD, NYCHA, and Section 8 vouchers,
  • Tax millionaires and billionaires of NYC to cover the cuts, especially if their wealth is accumulated through providing low-wage jobs and taking advantage of NYCHA and low-income tenants in affordable housing,
  • NO to renewing 421-a, a billion dollar tax give away to developers who don’t produce real permanent affordable housing,
  • An end to Broken Windows policing that criminalizes and disproportionately attacks Black and Latinx communities leading to deportations,
  • No local collaboration with ICE/DHS/FBI/CIA,
  • Refusal of any local protections for Trump’s properties paid by taxpayers,
  • Continue to invest City and State funding towards housing organizing, enforcement, and tenant protection,
  • No private or market rate development on public land,
  • Community-driven rezoning that ensures preservation and protections for New Yorkers who’ve built this City to make it what it is today.

To declare NYC as a Sanctuary City, we want a commitment of permanent affordable housing security for the working-class, homeless, immigrants/refugees, and people of color.

#HomesForAll #NoBanNoWallNoCuts #Here2Stay #WeWillNotBeMoved