LES/Chinatown Stands against Hate!

The Lower East Side and Chinatown stand on a long history of Jewish, Chinese, Latino, and Bangladeshi immigrants, refugees, and people of color who make up the fabric of this community. It is a rich history of tenant, worker, and community organizing that has brought us the legacy it has today. That was only possible because we stand on the principle of love, solidarity, and building power with one collective vision – strong and vibrant working-class neighborhoods that advocates for itself and others. On Saturday night of 2/13, several men of a White supremacist group attacked two brothers for having “NYC Anti-Fascists” stickers on their cell phones. They were chased outside of an Essex St. bar in the Lower East Side/Chinatown area and beaten on Hester Street with brass knuckles and received cuts with a knife. We condemn these attacks and do not take this lightly. Though New York City, continues to experience hate violence impacting targeted communities, particularly Muslims, attacks involving White supremacist groups have not been incidents in recent history. We attribute this to the new federal administration and its policies that at their core, reinforce structural racism, xenophobia, sexism, homophobia, and economic inequality. Our communities will not stand for any kind of hate.

We see the explicit ties between Trump’s election and his recent appointments to White supremacist groups. We very well know that the recent attack that took place in our community is related to these ties and the new administration’s hate-based policies. With this knowledge, Chinatown and the Lower East Side will fight even harder and maintain a clear focus on the real threat: the systems and institutions that perpetuate violence in our communities. The brutal beating of the two brothers by the known Neo-Nazi group is intended to instill fear in our community. We are here to say, that won’t happen!

The LES / Chinatown community hereby designates our community as a Hate Free Zone. We stand with those under attack, including immigrants, refugees, asylum seekers, women, Muslims, LGBTQ, black, brown and any lives that are under the threat of the exhibition of hate, xenophobia or any federal policies borne of any such ideologies. We will defend our community and city. Sign up below to help!

List in formation:
CAAAV Organizing Asian Communities
Good Old Lower East Side (GOLES)
Chinese-American Planning Council
Cooper Square Committee
Community Development Project at the Urban Justice Center
Asian Political Collective (Columbia University & Barnard College)