Open City Magazine: Sukjong Hong, CAAAV volunteer, gives detailed description of her experience in Chinatown post-Sandy

From Open City Magazine
Written by Sukjong Hong

For many, the steps to recovery post-Sandy will be long and complicated. Is rent due when no heat, power, or hot water is available? Does flood insurance cover hurricane damage? How do I recover lost wages? For those who have lost loved ones, the loss is even more staggering.

The immediate language of disaster relief is a little more elemental, and many are still engaged in it. Food? Medicine? Shelter? Diapers? Flashlights? Are you okay?

Volunteering in Chinatown before the power came back on, and unable to speak Chinese except for “I don’t speak Chinese,” “I am Korean,” and “I love you,” this basic language of needs made up my script…<<Read more>>