Chinatown Tenants Union

The Chinatown Tenants Union (CTU) was founded in 2005 as a space for residents to come together and provide a unified community voice on issues relating to gentrification and development. The CTU organizes Chinatown residents – youth, low-wage workers, and tenants – against community-wide displacement and gentrification in order to preserve Chinatown as a neighborhood for working-class Asian immigrants. We work to ensure that residents play a key role in community-led development and that those processes are democratic, equitable, and just. The CTU builds the power of low-income tenants by developing their leadership and engaging in strategic organizing campaigns, including:

  • Working with individual tenants or all tenants in one building to address housing issues;
  • Waging campaigns that expand tenants’ rights, change City policy, and protect Chinatown from gentrification and overdevelopment;
  • Participating in the broader movement to fight for housing, immigrant, and economic justice.