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Donate to CAAAV’s 2016 People-Powered $10K Challenge

The People-Powered $10K Challenge (#PP10K) is CAAAV’s 10-day grassroots fundraising campaign that activates the collective power of our friends, families, and social networks to raise $10,000 or more to support racial and economic justice. YOUR CONTRIBUTION CAN HELP US REACH $10K. DONATE NOW!   Last year’s #PP10K, 58 People Movers fundraised almost $14,000. That $14,000 resulted in[…..]


New York Tenants Win Historic Rent Freeze for Second Year

Yesterday, New York won a historic rent freeze for the second year in a row, protecting over one million rent-stabilized tenants from weighty rent increases. Shout out to our Chinatown Tenants Union leaders for mobilizing in large numbers, testifying at hearings, and training new tenants to share their stories. The Rent Guidelines Board (RGB) voted[…..]


Rezoning Campaign

  (Chinatown Tenant Union members learn about rezoning using the Center for Urban Pedagogy’s ‘What is Zoning’ toolkit) Chinatown is one of the last affordable working class and immigrant communities in Manhattan. And Chinatown is the center of Chinese culture and history in this city. But in the past decade, residents’ living conditions have deteriorated,[…..]