Cathy Dang, Executive Director
With roots in Queens, NY and Los Angeles, CA, Cathy has been a community and worker center organizer leading campaigns for just living and working conditions in immigrant and communities of color for nearly a decade. Her former day job as a labor organizer with unions, worker centers organizing restaurant and retail workers is what sustains her true love and passion for community organizing in immigrant communities.

Naved Husain, NOP Lead Organizer
Naved has a background in labor organizing with UNITE HERE (Local 2, San Francisco) as well as with the National Union of HealthCare Workers(NUHW). He worked on consumer legislative advocacy in New Jersey and co-founded a community organization that pushed police accountability measures in Oakland. He has lived in Queens, Ohio, Massachusetts, New Jersey and the Bay Area and received his BA in Political Science with a minor in Religion at Hunter College. He is also a member of the Asia-Pacific Forum on WBAI where he produces content on Muslims and social justice issues in the US.

Tina Pham, CTU Lead Organizer
Tina began local grassroots work in Washington D.C. with immigrant youth at Asian American LEAD. She moved from direct social services to direct action organizing with the APALRC as Lead organizer, working with communities in the DC/MD/VA area focusing on housing, immigration, language access, and worker rights issues.  At the APALRC, she worked on campaigns in Chinatown on housing and community development issues and created the DC Nail Salon Project, the first of its kind at that time on the east coast.  She left the Washington D.C. area and moved to New York to joined the labor movement. Tina became a Lead Organizer at the Committee of Interns and Residents, working on a diverse range of union drive campaigns. She joins CAAAV today, hoping to return to her original roots and passion for organizing Asian Pacific Islander American communities.

Zhi Qin Zheng, CTU Tenant Organizer
Ms. Zheng has been a member of CAAAV since 2005 and is one of the founding members of the Chinatown Tenants Union.  She became part-time staff in July 2010.  Ms. Zheng has lived in Chinatown for more than 20 years, and prior to becoming involved with CAAAV has worked in the garment industry for 20 years.

Melanie Wang, CTU Tenant Organizer
Melanie made the move from her native Massachusetts to New York City to join CAAAV in 2016. She has worked in both the domestic worker and retail worker organizing movements and studied labor history and gender studies as an undergraduate. Raised in a first-generation, Mandarin-speaking Chinese family, she believes deeply in intersectional feminism, multilingual justice, and the immense power of organizing to create social change.

Ruben An, Program Associate
Ruben joined the CAAAV staff in the summer of 2013 after graduating from college. As a former youth educator at Philadelphia’s Asian Americans United and facilitator for NYC’s Chinatown Youth Initiative, he is firmly dedicated to empowering Asian immigrant communities and ensuring organizations like CAAAV get the resources to create social change.

KahEan Chang, Volunteer Staff
KahEan first became involved in CAAAV’s youth program in 2001 while she was a sophomore in high school.  Over the years she became a trainer and is currently volunteering her time as leadership in CAAAV’s programs.


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