You are currently viewing CAAAV’s Karaoke Battle Fundraiser: Growing A Movement!

CAAAV’s Karaoke Battle Fundraiser: Growing A Movement!

For 35 years, CAAAV has fought for racial and economic justice by building leadership capacity and organizing power for movements. It is more important than ever to resource Asian American grassroots organizing. It is through organizing and grassroots power we will be able to have a safe community. And it is through member-led leadership and vision we will be able to grow our movement.

CAAAV is officially inviting you to this year’s Karaoke Battle on Thursday, May 27 from 7-9pm EST via Zoom! Yes, it’s that time of the year again! It’s karaoke time. CAAAV is raising $25,000 through our annual Karaoke Battle to support CAAAV’s ongoing work in building the power of Asian working-class communities and growing the housing justice movement. And that’s why our theme is Growing A Movement!

The Growing A Movement fundraiser will support us to continue to organize by building and sustaining long-term power within our communities across generations. We will grow the movement by challenging and fighting structural and capitalistic interests that leverage profit over safe and truly affordable housing. By donating to our Growing A Movement fundraiser, you will enable us to:

  • Build the Neighborhood Eviction Defense (NED) committee in Chinatown. Through the Neighborhood Eviction Defense network, Chinatown residents will learn and become equipped in tenant rights, eviction moratoriums, ground in political education, and look into possible threats in the neighborhood due to predatory lending and harassment.
  • Fight against privatization in public housing through our NYCHA Trust campaign in Queens. Public housing tenants will organize to stop NYCHA’s Preservation Trust, which if passed, will provide a private-public partnership and management in public housing. We will organize to make sure public land remains public and is not managed by private entities.

Virtual karaoke means our friends and communities outside of NYC can attend the event, take part in the karaoke battle, and fundraise! Karaoke battle teams and non-participating teams and individuals raise funds before the night of the event through their fundraising pages! It’s really easy – click here, make your fundraising page in a few minutes (JOIN), and start sending the link to your network of friends, family, colleagues, and allies! This will help us collectively fundraise $25,000 by May 27th!

You can take part in the karaoke battle by putting together a karaoke battle video in the comfort of your home prior to the event! With your permission, we will share your karaoke performance during the night of the event and folks will vote for their favorite karaoke team!

If you want to support working-class Asian communities and help us raise $25,000, PLEASE MAKE A CONTRIBUTION HERE.

If you want to help us fundraise, create a karaoke team, OR attend the event, RSVP HERE.