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City-wide Housing Exhibit (video produced by Austrian Cultural Forum)

Action for Justice (video produced by KahEan Chang on CAAAV’s youth program Asian Youth in Action)

What’s Justice? (video produced by CAAAV’s Youth Leadership Project)

Mekong in the Bronx: Southeast Asians Make a New Community in New York (radio documentary on Free Speech TV)

Housing Woes for Chinatown’s Chinese (video produced by NYU/Pavement Pieces)

Health Justice Campaign (radio documentary produced by YLP and Radio Rootz)

Seeding the Future (video compilation of our 2008 organizing efforts)

CAAAV at The US Social Forum 2007 (video compilation of our exchanges at the first US Social Forum in Atlanta)

CAAAV’s 25th Anniversary Trailer (video promo of CAAAV’s 25th anniversary celebratory event)

Our Homes, Our Rights (video docu-narrative produced by Chinatown Tenants Union’s Youth Organizers)

CTU to Madison Capital: Shame On You (video documenting CTU’s campaign efforts against landlord intimidation towards tenants)